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Deadly Snakes

Have you ever noticed that the television nature networks like to list the TOP DEADLY this or the MOST DANGEROUS that? However, when it comes to snakes so many shows claim different snakes as the world's deadliest. We decided to probe this issue a bit more and make a short video about what we found.

For a list of the most venomous snakes according to the toxicity of their venom see: MOST VENOMOUS SNAKES

Warning: The point of this video is not to tell you what the most venomous snake is. Instead we want to drive home the point that it is a complicated matter. Even the LD50 mouse test has its problems. Is the venom injected intramuscularly, intravenously, intraperitoneal or subcutaneous? How long has it been since the snake last ate? How aggressive is the snake? How much venom does it pack? There can be no definite answer. But, we will provide some tidbits of information on available data.

LD50 - Dr. Bryan Grieg Fry lists some different LD50 values available on snake toxicity.


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