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Animal Biodiversity Websites on TWC

The Wild Classroom has initiated the development of several online information resources for educators. The following links display some of the main sites which we are developing. These faunal sites can also be accesed through the Biodiversity Tab at the top of this page.

cetaceans Cetaceans of the World - Taxonomy to Behavior
This site was produced to introduce you to everything there is to know about dolphins and whales. The crew at Explore Biodiversity has included video shot from their own expeditions and video from real-life dolphin researchers.


batsBats of the World - General Bat Info with Video
Students can quickly learn about bats and view videos about these flying mammals. Don't know much about bats? Haven't seen them fly? Check out this site.


birds Birds of the World - Compact Online Guide to Ornithology
This site was designed around a typical college level ornithology class. It includes a taxonomy of major bird families in addition to information on ecology, behavior, physiology and reproduction. We have also included links to our own videos on birds.


fish The Snake Web - Video Guide to Snakes
Hazen Audel and Rob Nelson explore what it means to be a snake. Videos include episodes on the deadliest snake in the world, snakes and people, snake care and what to do if you get bit by a venomous snake.


snails of hawaiiSnails in Hawaii - Island Natives and Invaders
During one of the Explore Biodiversity expeditions to Hawaii, we filmed and documented many of the snails in Hawaii including the Oahu Tree Snail, the Giant African Snail, and the Rosey Wolf Snail. Watch what happens when these native and invasive species come head-to-head!


herpsReptiles and Amphibians of Hawaii - All the Common Species
Explore Biodiversity has set up an online guide to every species of reptile and amphibian that has officially made it to the islands and set up a breeding colony. Did you know there ARE snakes in Hawaii?! View this site to learn more about the species on the islands.



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