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Meet the Wild Classroom Crew!

This quick trailer explains who the Ecogeeks are.  Educators from around the world can use our videos and provide feedback to us about new videos they would like to see us produce.

Video Suggestions

We need your help! What videos do you need in your science classrooms? Email Rob your suggestions so that we can start producing videos to enhance your upcoming lesson plan. Rob Nelson

Meet the Crew

Rob nelsonRob Nelson: Rob is the executive producer and principal director for The Wild Classroom and works to coordinate the podcasting efforts, world biomes site, flowering plant families pages and the invasive plants of the US. ... more on Rob

Jonas StenstromJonas Stenstrom: Jonas coordinates podcasting from our european base in Gothenburg, Sweden. He coordinates the Expeditions pages, Biodiversity pages, and is the principal producer for the 2008 Discover Sweden expedition. ... more

Hazen AudelHazen Audel: Hazen is a native of Eastern Washington. He is an avid adventurer and currently works as a biology teacher and artist. Hazen is an oncamera host for the ecogeeks and works to bring in grant money for the organization... more

Suzi SerengetiSuzi Serengeti: "Suz" as we call her, is on of our on-camera hosts. She is currently a Ph.D student studying tropical woody vines (lianas) in the Republic of Panama. She is responsible for maintainig the flowering plants of the world site and helping us correct the site's plentiful typos! ... more

An Ecogeeks Reel

More Crew members

Rich BlundellRich Blundell: Rich directs pieces that involve African Wildlife and Culture. He worked for several years near Kilamanjaro and is an expert cameraman. His work includes work for Animal Planet and National Geographic... more (Watch his "about Rich" video).

Rob nelsonStephanie Schneider: A marine biologist by education, Stephanie works with our marine science pieces, coordinating underwater efforts and helping write and correct scripts. She studied with Rob both in Miami in 1999 where they were SCUBA Diving partners and in Australia.

Rob nelsonIda Hellmark: Ida is an environmental economist based in Sweden. Her travels around the world have made her humble and enthusiastic about educating and inspiring youths to explore and conserve the Earth. In addition to her environmental work, she is a researcher and production manager for the Swedish productions of The Wild Classroom.

Rob nelsonJoseph Coleman: Joseph is the singer for our Ecogeeks intro song and a long time eco-friend. He guides nature tours on Oahu and helps with everything involving our Hawaiian web-pages and our podcasts. In the future Joseph will be one of the on-camera hosts

Rob nelsonMeena Walker: Meena coordinates the Hawaiian expeditions when we come to town. She also shoots still photography of the island's wildlife. In future episodes she will be one of the on-camera hosts. reviewed our site!

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