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Ida Hellmark

Ida is an environmental economist based in Sweden. Her travels around the world have made her humble and enthusiastic about educating and inspiring youths to explore and conserve the Earth. In addition to her work with the environmental challenges that the world faces today, she is a researcher and production manager for the Sweden productions of Explore Biodiversity and The Wild Classroom.

“Loca Sweca”, meaning “crazy Swede” in Spanish, and “the Sunshine Girl” were nicknames I got when I was in Costa Rica last spring. I was there to finish my master’s thesis in Environmental Economics, and the nicknames are a pretty good description of who I am.

I have always had an interest in exploring nature. As a kid, I played in the forest where we lived, and my friends and I started clubs to protect the animals in our neighborhood - true “Eco-geeks”.  I spent every summer by the ocean swimming on the west coast of Sweden, which might explain why I am a diver and a kayaker today. During the winters in Sweden, I learned how to ski, which also became a great passion of mine.

After finishing high school, I lived in the US in Chicago for 6 months, having fun and exploring the midwest. In the same year, I worked and skied for 3 months in the Alps and fell in love with the mountains even more.

I travelled in Africa before starting my education at the Environmental Social Science Program at the school of Business, Economics, and Law in Gothenburg, Sweden. Being on the savannah and seeing all the beautiful animals in nature was an experience I will never forget. I continued my travels to Sri Lanka where I lived for three months in a small village surrounded by a stunning landscape. After my travels, I was convinced that I wanted to dedicate my life to exploring our amazing planet and working for sustainable development.

My work in Environmental Economics combines two disparate fields with the goal of promoting conservation while benefiting local economics and sustainable development. Meeting the Ecogeeks has made me even more enthusiastic about educating youth to explore and conserve the environment around us.  I, the “Loca Sweca”, have formed a great partnership with the Ecogeeks and am fulfilling my life’s dream.


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