Wildlife Podcasts

There are a few good video podcasts on wildlife out there today. A few of them are through Discovery or National Geographic but there are others that are idependent. We listed the independent ones here.

Randy Wimberg

EcoGeeks (The Wild Classroom)

This podcast is created in a very fast paced and engaging style. Science should be fun right! The podcast is created for the young at heart and is hosted by 5 young graduate students from Sweden, Hawaii, Montana, Washington and Panama.


Terra: The Nature of our World

Montana PBS has teamed up with the MSU Wildlife filmmakers to present a selection of mostly student films. Each film is different. The idea is that these films push the boundry of wildlife filmmaking, creating intellectual and artistic films that are often never seen on traditional television.

Randy Wimberg


Kim and the wild dogs of Zimbabwe. If you're interested in a daily video diary about the african bush, built in a rough "this is what happened today" style, you'd be very interested in Wildcast. Somtimes a bit slow, it is still interesting to see what happens each day.

Untamed Science Video Podcast

Untamed Science's Video Podcast

This podcast is a new video podcast focused on interesting ecofacts about our natural world. A new video comes out every Monday!




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