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Learning about the world’s biomes should be fun. It should get you into the places and become immersive. If you have access to a smartphone or a VR headset, you can explore many of the biomes in 360 degrees right here! If you’re not doing a class project on biomes, you’ll also get the chance to better understand these unique places on Earth.This is your explorer’s guide to these incredible places. We’ve been making videos and documenting the biomes for nearly two decades. May this only be your starting point for magnificent adventures. 

Biomes are a way to look at particular environments on Earth based on the dominant plant forms. These are often determined by climate.

From the grasslands to the forests and tundras, each biome has plants and animals that are adapted to these particular environments. In addition to the traditionally talked about terrestrial biomes, we have also included aquatic “biomes.” While these areas are often called aquatic habitats or aquatic zones, it seemed appropriate to include them in this “biomes” site because planet Earth is covered in more water than land. Each of these aquatic zones can be generalized based on where they exist. Much of the focus in these pages is on North American biomes, but we also hit on all the places these biomes are found around the world. Plus, we’re making an effort to show how you could visit each of these amazing places to learn more about them.  

Discover the World’s biomes

Why Study Biomes

This might not be obvious, but there are a lot of similarities between biomes. A grassland in N. America will act a lot like a grassland in S. America.

If you understand the climatic conditions that create a biome, you can understand why certain plants become dominant. If you understand what plants are dominant, you may understand how the other plantsand animals there are adapted to these particular biomes. 

Thus, by understanding these relatively few biomes, you can understand almost all the ecosystems on Earth. They’ll all differ a bit, but most of the generalizations will hold true. 

Why is that even important? I suppose that answer is up to you. It makes you sound really smart at parties. You may also impress a friend or two about your offhand knowledge of a particular place. Or, imagine if you entered a survival competition and that little bit of knowledge you learned about a particular biome helped you win that thing! Now, I think we’re on the same page.

Understand Climate

One of keys to understanding why biomes occur in different parts of the world is an understanding of climate. Here is a short introduction.

A Look Inside the biomes

Now you’re ready to start exploring on your own.

In the following pages, you’ll have the chance to both read up on the amazing plants and animals in each biome, but you’ll also find a link at the bottom of each biome page to see them in 360 degrees – a virtual reality biome experience! 

Exclusive Biomes Guide Trip

Join us in the field (soon)!

We do trips now with educators as a way to enable you to get out into the wild and learn more about each biome. These trips are low cost so as to get more groups together and reconnecting with nature (our own wild classroom!)

Our Guides

We’re working to create the best, most immersive environment for you to learn about the world’s biomes.

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