Coastal Oceans

The coastal oceans of the world, while amazingly diverse, are also fairly similar. Because these zones are close to land, there are certain related plants and animals that have adapted to these conditions, and are likely to be found around the globe.

This zone is one of the most important oceanic zones for humans.

While they cover only a small percentage of total ocean body, they harbor most of the seafood caught for human consumption.

Coastal Oceans include many other habitat types not covered in this “temperate” ocean video (see below). These include waters around coral reefs, and mangrove habitats – both found only in tropical waters.

Kelp forests are another major habitat type found in coastal oceans.

Coastal oceans

In this video we highlighted three species found in swedish temperate coastal oceans. However, it is important to realize there are many different types of animals in coastal oceans around the world. To expand on this point here are the current estimates for but a few of the species found in the coastal oceans.

  • Fish species worldwide: 28,000
  • Cnidarians (sea pens/Jellyfish/corals) worldwide: 11,000
  • Crustaceans worldwide: 52,000

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